Saving YSF rooms in FT-70D memories.

The FT-70D will save YSF rooms in its 5 room memories if there are no spaces or underscore characters, and all others are uppercase in the room name.

SSH into your pi-star and edit the YSF_Hosts file.

pi-star@pistar1(ro):~$ rpi-rw
pi-star@pistar1(rw):~$ sudo nano /usr/local/etc/YSFHosts.txt

Remove any space or underscore ‘_’ characters in the room name of interest. I also deleted the extra numbers in front of the room name. Pi-star will change the lowercase characters for you so you don’t need to change them if you have ‘UPPERCASE Hostfiles:’ turned on .

eg. CQ-UK WiresX becomes CQ-UK-WIRESX.